Monday Jan 29, 2024

Immunotherapy in Vulvar Melanoma with Dimitrios Nasioudis

In this episode of the IJGC podcast, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Pedro Ramirez is joined by Dr. Dimitrios Nasioudis to discuss immunotherapy in vulvar melanoma. Dr. Nasioudis is from the Division of Gynecologic Oncology at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania. His current research focuses on translational therapeutics and population-based research with an emphasis on rare gynecologic tumors.



• Prognosis of patients with vulvar melanoma and inguinal lymph node metastasis is poor.

• In our study using real-world data approximately 1 in 4 patients received adjuvant immunotherapy with no clear overall survival benefit.           

• Further research to identify biomarkers to select patients who may benefit from immunotherapy is needed. 

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