Monday Apr 29, 2024

Mentor's Podcast: Luis Chiva

In this episode of the IJGC podcast, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Pedro Ramirez is joined by Dr. Luis Chiva. Dr. Chiva, Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Clinica Universidad de Navarra, is an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a former council member of ESGO, and chaired the Program Committee for ESGO Istanbul 2023. He also serves as Associate Editor for the IJGC.



1. Dr. Luis Chiva's career path in gynecologic oncology stemmed from his father's influence and his own passion for surgery.

2. Training in the United States broadened his perspective, leading him to play a pivotal role in advancing gynecologic oncology in Spain.

3. He emphasized personalized patient care and multidisciplinary approaches to oncology, shaping his leadership in professional societies.

4. Dr. Chiva's journey underscores the importance of continual learning, perseverance, and a strong family support system in achieving professional success.

5. Balancing work and personal life, he believes, is essential for maintaining overall well-being and effectiveness in patient care.

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